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Social network marketing services and how to use it

Is it better a website or a presence on social network is enough for good marketing?

Social network marketing
Post, like, reply, ads, sponsor,
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Social marketing labyrinth
(What to do when you are not an expert)

Is it better a website or a presence on social network is enough for good marketing?

Website VS social.

VS is wrong, website AND social is more correct as are two completely different things.
A website is a site on the web. It is your site. Is the collection of information you want to transfer to your visitors. The information will be placed as you wish. Is your shop, your window on the road, on the net, your property, your business.

The social network is the bar. People talk and meet and talk and make parties, are happy or they fight, and few are even banned from the bar. In the bar they come and present more friends and then chat again, talk, look for somebody, ask suggestion to friends, ask where to find something.
Then they forget, ask again to someone else, and get a different answer, a different opinions, a different review.
The bar is full of gossip, positive and negative. You can make a friend reunion, even find your love. Everything is fluid, in movement. What is true today, is a lie tomorrow. What is good now is not good tomorrow. Voices tell you the right price of a car, the best brand of a computer. Even how to love somebody. Some deals can also be closed in a bar.

In a real bar there is no moderator, on the social yes. In the bar there are few rules, in the social much more.

A shop is a shop, a factory is a factory. A Bar is all together and nothing at all. In a shop/factory/business place there are expert (or supposed to) salesmen, products and prices. The same things you see today you will probably see again tomorrow. Of course things change but not at the speed of the chat in a bar. The atmosphere is professional. More calm. You look, ask, choose, talk and maybe buy. Much better, you cannot compare a business place with a bar.

BUT… if everybody talk bad about your business in the bar… nobody will visit your shop. If nobody talk at all about your shop in the bar, they will never find your business as you are in a quite street, or they will just find you by coincidence.

So if you have no other advertising means you do need the chat of a bar. A presence on a social.
At the same time you also need an official presence in your hand (a website) where you are in control.

Personally I could stay without social but not without a website. But we are not all the same. Some people say that a website is more expensive and difficult to set up/manage/update and if you delegate to a professional become costly. “On a social just post something sometime”

Just post something sometime is the biggest mistake: a social MUST be constantly update. Your post will disappear in minutes under the inexorable force of the finger in action on a smartphone. To float on a social you need much more effort than maintain a website.

Of course combine both is the best, but a not updated social is useless and even counterproductive. A visitor that find your Facebook page, for example, and sees that it looks abandoned will stop to search for you. If he don’t find your Facebook presence instead will go on looking for a website of your business.

Nevertheless there are advertising company specialized in maintain Facebook and other social company presence, and not for few bucks. There are professional graphic specialized in image for social. An image stay under the eyes of a social network user not even a second while scrolling… must be really catchy.

If you have lots of time and passion you can dedicate yourself to a social.
Suggestion: don’t disperse your energy in multiple social presences, just one (beside you have expert staff in your hands) well done, plus a website of course.
If you don’t have this skill just stick on a website.

You can find a right person to help you with your presence on social network and rely to us for your website. We can suggest you that person but most of the time that person is you or one of your close collaborators. As there is no need of special technical skill neither knowledge of programming language.
You just need time and patience and patience and time.

One of the most important things in marketing: don’t make the mistake to forget human relation because you put all your time in social networks!

DON’T be too busy with social: it wills vampire your energy and then, once a customer will contact you, you will barely have the capacity to answer the phone (it is a metaphor… but it is a true concept).

So the person that will take care of your social strategy, what will he do? First, it intelligently to find hot pages in your niche. Pages with high number of fans + engagement.
Second, he will start liking, replying and commenting on the most popular posts on the hot pages.
Third he will create one or more pages on your social and any comment he will go on doing like on the above points he will add a link to your pages.
Lastly, real people will note these actions and naturally like and follow your pages. But then you have to go on and on posting interesting things.

On the other hand if this continuous writing and posting get you confused and tired, to increase the visits to your website instead you can opt for some SEO actions. Beside SEO is a huge field, read our home page, you can simply update often your contents. If you are under a spell that blocks your creativity, just every day or two write a sort of daily diary. Not a real chronological diary but little thing you noted in the company, some improvement you get from a technician, an advice on how to use something got from a conversation with a customer, just write it in the website. This will keep your website contents always fresh. Also note down any questions o problem will arise from your daily work and then create a FAQ page (Frequently Asked Question). In no time you will have a huge list of questions with relative answers that will be very useful for your visitors and not only.

And remember, what can you offer that nobody else is offering?

Selling is very difficult. People are suggestible but not dunce. Yes, there are some “smart” salespeople out there that for them selling means lying and use the lies short cut but it is much better to find a way to guide customers to something they need instead of tricking them just to reach your target sale budget.

A recurring customer is something long term. A recurring customer don’t go away to save few bucks, he is looking for something reliable and if you can delivery it to him you will have his fidelity, with or without social networks.

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