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Many kinds of websites available

Kinds of websites
Business websites, home pages, booking system websites,
e-commerce websites, online community websites and more.

Websites (limited) list

Note: consider that we are open to personal solutions beside the examples present in this or other webpages. And we always will produce a clear quotation before start the job.

Personal website

A personal website is a website about you.
Usually it is built as a resume, presentation of yourself and/or your portfolio. Or just for fun: to share some pictures or events to your friends.
Yes we all use social networks for these things but eventually you want to be free from any pre formatted and ruled from third party (Facebook, Instagram and other) and just have your own one. You can still share the link in common social and nobody except you will censor your website!

General website

A "general website" (or business/corporate website) is the most common website. It will be filled with information, contacts details, about us pages, images of the company, products and/or services, eventually prices and the privacy policy.
This is the simple website you can have. It is almost the most important! When some of your customers look for your company, they will first look online even before that look in them supplier list to find your telephone!

It is perfect for business, any business. From a restaurant to a beauty shop or a spa. A car maintenance place or a contractor. A law firm or an art gallery. Any kind of business can have its own website.

E-commerce website

The e-commerce doesn’t need an explanation. We all know what it is. What maybe you don't know is that you can have an e-commerce for a small amount of money. From as convenient as 7,000 THB. See more on the e-commerce page.

Also you can have an e-commerce without any payment gateway if this looks too complicated to you. Just wait the money arrive in the bank and forward the parcel.

You can also have an advance e-commerce where everything will be automated: from invoicing to printing label and even automatically connected to the shipping company!
You can even add an e-commerce cart on an existing website for few products, just to let your customer buy directly from the website. How to simply add e-commerce to your website.

Or can combine a SEO website to an e-commerce to be sure people will reach your products. Get found in Google and sell products.

School website

Many schools have them own website. They publish events, activities, works of them students and pupils, future project and renovation. All done in the freedom of a self regulated environment that is also a good educational experiment.

Booking system   &   Hotels

Hotels, bed and breakfast, home stay and any other accommodation websites.
Many accommodation facilities use hotel portals (booking.com, expedia.com, agoda.com and other) or vacation rental website (airbnb.com, homeaway.com and others). These website bring lots of quality customers. But they also eat a lot of commissions! Without removing the affiliation with those websites having your own booking system can lead to regular customers booking directly from you.

A website with a native and independent booking system is suggested for small reality.
For medium enterprises we can create a booking system that is connect with your reception channel manager software via API.

Other booking system

Not only hotels use a booking system, also travel agents, dentists, consultants and even factories that need to organize visit from the public (e.g: a good publicity for an ice cream factory is schools visiting it). Or to book restaurant tables, show seats and many other situation that need an automatic booking system, with or without direct payment.
You can have the website that use its own booking system or connect to booking services like setmore.com or other: here a booking systems list. These booking system in some case can even be linked to Google My business and Google Map.
Here an example:

One example of one of our offers: a restaurant booking system to add to your website costs 5,000 THB. A restaurant booking and website together cost 9,000 THB.

Home page or single page website

A single online page with a small description of the business, the logo, the address and the contacts details. Very easy, cheap but effective, more than you think. And at least will save you the time of telling to your customers, fellows or companions: “my website is under construction” or even worst: “I don’t have it yet”.
Just get your home page with a domain name so you will also have a more professional email like info@yourfirmname.com
Get your free home page, paying just the domain cost.

Landing page

A landing page is a single page that is designed to give selected information about a single or a restricted number of products/services.

It is used to let visitors “landing” on this very page from advertising pay per click campaigns like Adwords (Google) or Bing or promotion in Facebook and/or other internet media.

Intranet website

The definition “intranet website” is not correct, should be more classified website but it will be confused with the classified advertisements websites. Let’s just say that is a website used only from company members or part of a team so not visible/available to the general public. The access will be password protected with various user levels and can be useful to share works, comment, give orders and maintain a constant connection within the company. Can also be used to prepare order, create quotation and even for accounting. Can be a dedicated website or an integration of existing online services like CRM software or sales management, event management, recruitment tracker, logistics, inventory and much more dedicated integration.

A tip: as a person you can have a real office suite multi app at zoho.com


A blog is a website where visitors interact in a not “cold” commercial way (buy and sell) but leaving and sharing comments. As the system to manage a blog can be little bit complex because the visitors need to register themselves to be allowed leaving comments and also the comments need some moderations, usually the boring job of create this kind of website is dribbled by using special platforms like WordPress, CMS Made Simple or even online services like blogger.com or disqus.com (actually there are hundreds of them I just mentioned few).

Some are merely a collection of comments other are really personal website where to leave comments.
For a blog we suggest to use blogger.com and we can realize it for you at a very competitive price. Creation of blog are also possible with us with other platforms. Please check the blog prices here.

Classified listing

A website full of advertising posted by users. Like a website to post your resume to find a job or where to browse listing of jobs.
Used cars ads, real estate listing and any other listing for local, national or international public.

Yes we can create an easy to use real estate listing where you can add pictures and details of the property for sale/rent.
The real estate and classified web design page is full of information about it. Or directly ask: info@webdee-seoservice.com

Online news

Online news and newspaper online. These kind of website need a special approach. Must consider the kind of code integration. For example, to get visibility in Google news you have to have an HTML AMP version. Moreover the server must be specially designed to resist hack and DDoS attack. It also has to be equipped with cloud technology and various domains to avoid censorship. It is a very challenging job.
More easy for local news but special precautions must be put in place anyway. Here some security precautions that we apply to any website.

Online community

A forum. A place where expose a problem and confront with solution posted from other forum user.
Generally each forum website or online community website focus in a single field, sometime very narrowed down to a single sector. For example you can have a general programmer forum or an only css dedicated forum.

Online community can cover any field and any topics. From fishing to building houses. Can be an amateur forum open to the general public after a simple sign up process or an exclusive and selected member expert in a professional field where a team will decide if accept you or not.

This type of website will have a topic subdivision, a member area, a sign up procedure and a moderation system.

These types of website are very useful.

Other website

There is no limit in what a website can do. Just think about a dating website, online banking, air ticketing, file sharing, even radio and streaming tv.

The only big limit is not to have a website.

You can consult with us about your website design and project: info@webdee-seoservice.com