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One Page Website

A ready to use microsite. Perfect to be online with a minimal expense. This solution is like a genial benign trick. The micro website offer provides easy and very affordable hosting, website and web design including support for individuals, small and even medium-sized organizations that for the nature of them goods does not rely on internet. This web design is for the customers which do not need the complicate and huge featured accounts that most website company try to sell.

Easy and inexpensive solution. If you want to be online
this is the cheapest way and it is professional!

What is the scope of a microsite?
A small website (microsite) that has only one page, the home page, is for you to be online. Allow people that know your name or the name of your company to find you in internet, see your contact details and send you a message.
And when somebody ask you what is the name of your website you don't have to find excuses like "It is still under construction", or "Sorry, not ready yet"... Just give the name of your website. For only 1,000 THB!
The importance of a website is more than social.

One page website
Small website!
Everything you need here.
Cheap website
Your site at only 1,000 THB

How does a microsite work

You will have your domain and your home page (one page website). In reality will be 2 pages as there will be also the privacy page. You will write the name of your company or your name or the name of your shop, the address, telephone email and you will be online. You can also write all the text that you want.
You can manage the content by yourself as this microsite will have a CMS. You can insert pictures. So it will be always up to date.

Some feature of the one page website:
  • Speed: Very fast if you will add optimized pictures. You can check the speed of our demo microwebsite ( http://test.bluechipshosting.com/microsite-webdee.html ) in this link: Google Insight.
  • Easyness: You can add your text in an easy way. It does have a CMS
  • Images display: You can also add much more than only one picture.
  • Ready to use: It is ready to use just fill it with your contents. We will delivery the already installed one page website example for you to be modifyed.
  • Domain: Together with the microwebsite you will get a domain .com, .net or even other extension (to be check with us if different than .com can have a different price. SSL not included.)
  • Email: Together with the microwebsite you will get an email. For example: info@yourdomain.com (maximum 200MB but you can link it to your Gmail or other email providers.
  • More: Didn't you find the feature you need? Just ask, maybe it is already there!
Here few screenshot of your future website Click to see our microwebsite example online (Note: you can buy it at 1,000 THB)

Cheap website
Microsite screenshot (click to see the demo)
Home page of a simple but complete
website for want to be online
with the minimum cost possible

Complete but cheap small website solution
Scrolling down the site (click to see the demo)
You can easily add pictures and text
and enjoy your one page website
for only 1,000 baht!

About the prices of the above microsite, microwebsite, one page website, home page or whatever name you want to use for this website, as it is, is only 1,000 THB (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support). The customer will provide the contents with the limited CMS or by email to info@webdee-seoservice.com. Yes, if you don't want to be busy learning how to use the minimal CMS we can do it for you, the first time, inserting what you want by sending us an email. It will be responsive and fast. Can add many pictures and text.
Including in the microsite offer:
  1. One domain .com
  2. Minimal CMS
  3. 2 email @yourdomain.com that you can link with your existing Hotmail, Gmail...
  4. 50MB of space available
  5. Free also the form to receive email directly from the site (on request. In case we suggest you to buy also SSL)
If you need more features or expand the website in the future can be done. From Adding an SSL till adding more pages and a menu'. These extra will have a not expensive price. Write a note to us from our contacts page to get a personalized quotation.

If you want to discover more about the prices of other products of webdee-seoservice.com just check the pricing page.

If you need a more complex website with many pages visit the fast website page to see the price of other kind of web design.

How to update pictures and insert content in the microsite. We use the hosting-international.com CMS system.

Yes you can customize it. If you have a small experience with any CMS or basic utilize of web site creation programs it will be easy and very intuitive and you don't even need to look at the following instructions. Anyway here the "how to customize my microsite" step by step with figures explanation:

  • Change the text and some color of the text
  • Replace the pictures
  • Apply your logo

Edit home page  Edit home page
Click to enlarge

How to customize your home page

with our WYSIWYG CMS:

  • With or without SSL log in with the home page credential you will receive (that are different from other password) in edit.hosting-international.com
  • The list of your editable pages will appear
  • Choose a page
  • Mousover till find areas with dashed border
  • Click and edit on will
  • When done click Save/Publish

Here you can find more details: how to use the CMS

This offer is only 1,000 THB and you will be online. If you need something easy just buy this offer.