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Web design and website development for fast website experiences. Get a functional website or e-commerce. A professional website created to climb Google. Get your good position in the Google search results page by specific keywords. Excellent website for a personal project, an organization, a company or a small business.

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What is this website about? It is about web design, build e-commerce, SEO
What is webdee-seoservice.com? webdee-seoservice.com is an SEO service and e-commerce builder.
Where? In Pattaya, in Bangkok, in Thailand, everywhere in the world.
Why? To build a fast e-commerce and website with working SEO.
When? Every time you need a website we are available.
What for especially? For ecommerce and fast website!

To cut a long story short:

Websites & Webdesign

We also develop reliable websites for you:

  • Simple Home Page: A single-page "A4" on the web, FREE if you buy hosting from us. You also need a domain, not necessarily from us.
  • Business Website Presentation: 6 pages, starting from 6,000 THB
  • E-commerce Website: With cart and unlimited products, starting from 11,000 THB
We can also develop your website from a theme (e.g., from ThemeForest - theme price not included -) or transform your own design into a suitable HTML/CSS layout (ask for a quotation).

Content Creation: 1,000 THB per "A4" page.

WordPress Development

If you need a custom WordPress website, our development services start from 30,000 THB. WordPress has evolved significantly since its launch in 2003 and is now a complex platform that requires a professional web designer to create a high-quality, functional product.

How to climb Google? Website development to climb Google is difficult. For some keywords easy. For some other keywords the web design optimization is very hard. Sometimes impossible. It is necessary to evaluate the keywords chosen for your website. After that need to create a full and rich in contents website that matches the requested keywords and that match all the good practices directive of Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and so on.

What we do We design and make website fast, simple, responsive, Google optimized and even in ⚡AMP HTML

What we don't do: Slow websites that keep your customers waiting and waiting till they will abandon your website

Speed factor
40% of shoppers will wait no more than
3 seconds before abandoning a site

Wait and wait and wait... How many times, when you click a link where you think you will find what you are looking for, then you wait and then wait and then you think that maybe there is no internet, and then a page appears...
So why wait? We are in July 2024, the internet connections are faster than ever but the websites are slower than ever! If you need a website think about your visitors. They will be pleased if they don't have to wait. Choose a fast web designer.

How do we make websites? The webdesign starts with HTML, CSS, PHP, adding Javascript where necessary. Using blogger.com for blog and WordPress for blogs on special requests.

Can I manage the website by myself? Of course with our CMS, very easy and simple.
You can anyway count on our customer service that can interact with you via email, chat, remote desktop (for example Team Viewer, Join.me or similar software).

About the update of the content of your website we noted that many customers end up with the following problems:

  1. Somebody is afraid to do mess up the whole website
  2. Somebody complain about the complexity of the Content Management System CMS
About the 2 above points is not our case: the CMS is limited in the capacity of creating disasters to the web design and it is very simple.
Moreover other issues occur:
  • The customers never find the time or the person to learn how to use the website CMS
  • Sometimes the person is busy with other tasks that constantly interrupt and does not learn properly
  • They [customers staff] tends to not follow our golden rule: first prepare the content and then place it in the website
  • They [customers staff] don’t really know what and how to write
  • When finally after a long time the person in charge learned already, can happen then that he will quit the job and the customer must look for another person again
  • Customer staff often doesn't remember where they did write the instruction, the password and the login for the Content Management System to update the website
So our solution to avoid trouble is to let you send emails and pictures or file in Word or pdf to us and we will update the website for you.
Depending on the amount of the update you need for your website we can give you a fair price, starting from 3,000 baht per year. Read more information about our content management system.

Why us?
Create Your Website with us.

  1. We want to achieve, not beat others
  2. Our websites are with a clean, simple, optimized, responsive and fast design
  3. If you still don't have a Domain Name we can help you in choosing the right one
  4. We don't impress you with an astonishing and slow premade Wordpress theme before even know your needs
Yes, WordPress is a great piece of software but it is not easy if you want to have good results. Read more about WordPress

And if you want to be more secure about your future SEO and web design partner read the suggestions from google in "Do you need a SEO?"

Furthermore webdee-seoservice.com guarantee fast SSD hosting on all websites thanks to the experience of our sister company hosting-international.com.

Here some offer to be online with a fast website:

Fast website
This fast web design promotion will
include 6 pages. Only 6,000 THB.
Fast e-commerce website
This fast e-commerce promotion
has unlimited products: 11,000 THB!
SEO website
This professional SEO website will
allow you to be found on the internet.
One page website
This One Page Website offer will
put you online with only 2,500 THB!
Add cart to website
Add a cart to your existing
website. Many solutions are available.
Professional SEO and e-commerce website
This professional SEO and e-commerce
is the top. Contact for a free study.

We are different We don’t only “design” website, we study and project the website. Depending on the case the study and the project can be minimal or [the studying time] can take more time than the realization of the website itself.
We have our “base” instead of themes as we want to deeply optimize the website case by case. It is illogical to start a project of a website by choosing a theme instead of studying the case before. But this is what most of the folks do.
First you have to know what is the purpose of the website, what the customer expects from being online, what is the budget available and then decide what kind of website to create and at the end discuss about the colors...

Let us do the boring job.
If you are a web agent or freelance let us do the website ready and fast and you can better use your time to prepare contents, articles, animations, video, logo and infographic to easily insert in a fast website with our CMS. Contact info@webdee-seoservice.com

Type of website Of course there are infinity kinds of website but we like to divide them into 6 main categories:

  1. One Page Website Finally you will be online!
  2. Branding Website Assign a name to a website, let people find you by your name
  3. Services for Customers Website Create services for your existing customers: a catalog online or allow them to place an order or a communication way to your customer care or an e-commerce where to shop
  4. SEO Website Let people find your products when they look for something!
  5. DIY Do it yourself. You can create a formula 1 website by yourself in different ways, read 🤔 how to make your website in an easy way.

One Page Website An easy way to be online. So when people will ask you: “what is your website?” or “Tell me the name of your website?” You will not have to find an excuse or say “it is under construction… not ready yet… next month…”
Urgent? Need a website in a very short time? Your one page website or home page will be ready in 48 hours then you will be able to write by yourself your minimal contents as you will have a small but real content management system: address, pictures, telephone number, email, whatever you want, also products and prices. Only 2,500 baht:
1,000 THB for hosting, including email accounts, 500 THB for a .com domain name, and 1,000 THB for your web page. Total: 2,500 THB. This offer cannot be split into individual products. Go to the one page website page.

Branding Website If your budget is limited or it is not the time yet to invest in the internet, a good idea is to have a website that people can find online when they know your name, also if misspelled. This web is designed for that purpose. For example, your company name is Mongkut Computer Company. We can create the website in order to let people find you when they type in Google any of these: Mongkut computer or monkut computer or mokut coputer…
It is very useful so don’t have to spell on the phone your exact domain name sometimes difficult to remember. Or maybe they saw your advertising somewhere but they don’t precisely remember your name. With this kind of website any kind of advertising you will make you know will not be wasted. We can also create personalized e-mails for you and your employees with your domain name, keeping your business professional. Learn more about the branding website page.

Services for Customers Website This website is when you want to give more services to your existing customers, customers that already know you. So the website will be focused on the service you want to give them and not to the SEO part.
There are many services can be created for your customers: a catalog on line with or without prices, a direct access to your customer care, a place where to place order instead of sending a fax or call, a way to let them pay invoices with debit/credit card, a full e-commerce system so selling isn't limited to your store's physical location or anything else you can think. Please contact us, explain what you have in mind. For a quotation: info@webdee-seoservice.com or read more ideas for websites.

SEO Website This is the best choice between our web designing. The importance of search engines. This website will let people that are looking for something finally find you and your products.
For example, suppose that you produce plastic screws for small gear systems or magnetic sensitive electronic appliances. Out there may be many companies that are importing this kind of product, maybe they are even only a few kilometers close to you but they don’t know you. So let this happen:
when somebody in front of the computer digits “plastic screws” (or what is important for you of course) let your website appear!
Information about SEO website page.

AMP HTML AMP HTML is the new standard code of HTML for Google. It is a strict HTML that doesn't allow useless frill, code error in the web design and slow application. If these requirements are matched the page is considered as an AMP page and recognized as a fast page from Google. Furthermore Google will cache the page and in case of slow internet or server problems, Google will serve from its own servers and CDN. Read more about ⚡AMP in our website. Please note: the AMP HTML service has been discontinued due to Google's frequent deprecation of its own code, which requires numerous costly updates to maintain AMP functionality. This has made it impractical to support. Additionally, a well-coded PHP/CSS/HTML website can achieve comparable, if not better, performance.

How we make websites Our web development system follows a path that helps in creating a website ad hoc. Formed, arranged, done for a particular purpose.
And this is something that really reduces complications, waste of time, wrong work, scarce results and even contains the costs. One example to let you better understand our way:
if you need a new vehicle for your company, will you first think if you need a truck, a car or a minibus or will you first think about a color? Of course you will think first what kind of vehicle and then the details.
It seems obvious but when people start to look for website the first things they ask is the color, then what kind of accessory and at the end, after many useless color modification, they will start to think: "but for what I did buy this website and why doesn't give me what I need?" So for some reason the "obvious" disappear and a very wrong choice is made.
What makes the total cost of a website is not only the website looks on the surface, but rather, what makes a website works. So, a common mistake is to judge a website by its cover. Its graphic design is only one part of a much complex system.
To avoid this inconvenient here the working steps:

An article about SEO

Which color will be…?

If you are looking for a website you maybe want to understand more about being online on the internet besides the colors of the web design...
One of the most discussed topics is SEO or Search Engine Optimization or rather a way to be found on Google and other search engines. When you have a website and nobody visits it, it can be sad. But the internet reality is not just to have a website and so sell more, it is a different way to do business and offer services. The following article tries to explain it.

Is this article is too long for you to read?
This is the worst approach to real SEO and internet: looking for shortcuts!

You cannot ask a SEO or webmaster, web designer or website developer to get you on top of Google with no effort and a small fee. You better move to a paid advertising system: Adwords (pay per click campaigns). But that system is expensive and as soon as you stop pouring money in it also the effect will vanish. A good website is like an infrastructure.

Get a functional website. A professional website with a web design created to climb search engines with quality SEO. Voices heard around say that SEO is going to die as the first rule of SEO is actually build websites for people, not for search engines. Yes this is the very first rule. And for this and more reasons, it is far most important than ever a good SEO: a slow (but good website “for people”) or a website that crashes your tab or simply does not work well, it does not please people that use it! So it is not built for people! Neither for search engines. The death of “SEO” refers to the SEO tricks or shortcuts that can give you amazing results… for a few days and then get your website banned. Another extinct SEO is the one promising results without content based on strange exchange links schemes and incomprehensible small websites with modified IP.
If you could choose between paid advertising and free top result in Google of course you will choose the free result on Google. The free results in Google are called organic results. Why organic is better? Besides it is free compared to paid ads, some people don’t want to click on ads anymore. And to be easily found on Google will give customers more trust in you.

Get on the first, second page of Google search results page by specific keywords. How to do it? It is difficult. For some keywords easy. For some other keywords the website design and preparation are very hard. Sometimes almost impossible. It is necessary to evaluate the keywords chosen for your website. After that need to create a full and rich in contents website that matches the requested keywords and that match all the search engine suggestions and directives like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. If you look to the SEO good practices of Google in how to build a website “for search engine” you will actually end up building a website for people!

About us: we are a deeply specialized webmaster team that works in a network to reach the target requested by the customer. The target is to get high in Google search results by given keywords, when possible. Or other targets requested by the client. This is what we do: design your website to get it in high positions. No magician. No false promise. Only 15 years of experience bucket together trough the easy internet communication network that gives us the ability to connect members of our team across continents. Share previous experiences and refine techniques to achieve results. Again, a web site should be designed for users, not for search engines, so following this and more rules of the search engines, your website will be built for people, as they suggest.
but to get valid free result in Google, can’t be without cost. It has a price. Some companies want a SEO strategy, but they don’t want to make the investments and especially they don’t want to make the changes that are needed to succeed. Are you in this group?
A SEO plan is not only 15,000 baht extra to a SEO company. By the way, in building a real SEO strategy the most of your expenses will NOT go to the SEO/website developer/agency bills! These are only a part. The rest you will spend in your own organization. Anyway the biggest and tiring effort will not even be financial, will be in update company habits: a cultural effort. This effort points to believe in the internet way to promote your services and goods. Must invest in it time and resources. And usually 2 new figures will emerge: content creator and online help desk operator. A website creation plan does not relate only to a small section of a company, it embraces, more or less, the whole company.
If your company or activity is a small business don’t worry, you don’t need 2 more staff, but you do need to focus on the internet and not consider it as a side tool to use once in a while. It will be your first thought. And your first duty, for small or medium enterprises, will be learning and listen to your webmaster. Forget “I want this” or “I want it now”. These sentences you can use with a graphic designer, not with a SEO as website creation and optimization have rules to follow.
And one of the most important rules is that YOU (the owner or you the company) must find the time for your SEO. This is a must, it is also stated in many Google suggestions, check, for example, this video at the eleventh minute: the importance of the owners (The Youtube video will open at the right time).

Usually when a company approaches internet they [the companies] would like, or they wrongly think, that with few bucks and two meetings with the webmaster the web design is done. Then the website will be revised later in a few years. This is absolutely wrong. It will not work. First most of the meetings you have to have within your company, not with the webmaster. You have to allocate time and internal resources as you do for an exhibition. The total expenditure will be much lower than participating in a fair and the result much better and stable in time. Check this list:

  • No booth cost
  • No logistic cost (trucks to delivery, airplane tickets for staff)
  • No hiring team for assembly the booth
  • No brochures, sign and samples to give away
  • No accommodation and overpriced food
  • No extra (and useless) temporary new staff for the exhibition that doesn’t know anything about your products and services
  • And so on …If you ever have done an exhibition you will definitely know that “and so on” is very costly
  • Yes webmaster, web design and seo bills (☺)
  • Yes your staff dedicate time to create contents
  • Yes you (the boss or the person in charge) to supervise your staff in this matter
You have to dedicate some of your staff to create content about the company and products and, most important, you and/or your CEO MUST attend and check their job. This is time consuming and time is money of course.
You can eventually outsource this task to us or a third party and then simply revised it.

Then you MUST produce visual material: images, preferably professional shoots or at least nice shoots (pictures). If pro is too expensive as you are a small business, take tons of shoots by yourself or from in house employee and spend some hours to choose. Surely some shoots will be nice!

Video: nice short videos (about 5 minutes each) on your products. Video on “how to use” and “how to choose” are not so difficult to create. A recent Android Smart Phone or iPhone is enough. The matter is more related to time consuming than capacity. Videos are real food delicatessen for Google (and for people that like to learn/watch).

Some tips on video making: if you are afraid that the video will look like unprofessional (quite probably the first 10 videos will be awful) keep in mind:
  1. No soundtrack is better than a wrong soundtrack choice
  2. Apply voice when editing the video instead of recording live so there will be not dog barking in the back or too many mistakes
  3. Avoid opening theme as if you are not a professional in jingles and presentations, it will look terrible
  4. Avoid “today we will talk about…” never heard this in a Steven Spielberg movie
  5. Go straight to the point, no special effects, explain easily your services or products. It is not a soap opera, is a picture that is not still
  6. Plenty of subtitles is useful
  7. Insert a link to your website in the video and in the description
  8. Or ask a professional video maker to do it
All this effort looks too much to you? Think that all of this will result in good improvement of services for your customers and a good improvement of the image of your firm even if Google would not exist at all. All the above are improvements (and investment) not only related to SEO even if you do it with SEO in mind. It will be a global company training in many aspects. Instead, dropping money in pay per click, once is done has no utility in the future. Like a disposal napkin. That’s why we are not in competition in the AdWords service business. Anyway if you need a test campaign for your website to see if it can increase your contacts we adopt this formula:
  • Try the market promotion: one campaign with one ad 1,500THB + 10% of Google Adwords bill. You can decide a daily/monthly budget for maximum Adwords bill to avoid surprises.
  • A la carte promotion: 2,700 THB each ad + 0% of Google Adwords bill. You can decide a daily/monthly budget for maximum Adwords bill to avoid surprises..
So the SEO of the present and the future is very content and services oriented and it is a valuable investment as the final products can be used also in the NON INTERNET context. But it must be done from a professional SEO: a technical SEO. Read an article if you have got the time. Technical SEO which refers to SEO work apart from content creation, should be done by developers because it requires knowledge of programming and the site’s infrastructure to avoid being bypassed from similar or even lower quality competitors websites that build a more technical friendly web platform. Moreover any effort that involves various levels of staff and CEOs in describing and preparing the company for the customers will bring to light unknown flaws present in your company that can be correct and will improve skills in employees and refines marketing path as well as final products. So it is a windfall not only for the website.

What about readymade or theme?

Yes if html
. Chose an astonishing WordPress theme (or similar CMS) and fill it with keyword and copy and paste contents can be attractive at first as it looks very appealing, easy and financially affordable. But beside if you want and need to create a blog, it will be just a waste of money as it will not be a real investment. The result of your budget expenses cannot be used for other purposes, the web design will be not SEO friendly, it doesn’t matter how many insurances you will hear about the quality of SEO friendly system described from CMS developers or vendors, it will simply not be search engine friendly. It will not push you to put any effort (effort=improvement) in the company, it will not even be suitable to be used as a brochure as cannot be print! A well optimized website with a liquid design can be used as a presentation, as a catalog as a brochure. It will work on the CD and memory card as doesn’t need (besides the e-commerce section) database. So don’t fall hypnotized by the enchanting music of beautiful sirens.

Then a last note, that will create some critical but I think it is necessary. Many developers, web designer and agencies just turn to WordPress premade templates and themes or other CSM just because …they lack creativity and programming skills! Some bunches of dollars are good to buy a frill CMS theme to stupefy customers (see some beautiful themes and the prices: rnbtheme.com, or colorlib.com). So you know in which hands you are going when they will pour you readymade stunning solutions for very affordable prices before even know why you need a website. So in this scenario why not do it by yourself? Buy the theme and go online.
You can read more about common mistakes in SEO.
If you will see some examples that you like, check if they have titles. Titles are one of the most important details of search engine optimization:

Title attribute
Also this image has a title, try mouse over it
But not on smartphone

One out of many limpid examples of what I just said is the wrong interpretation of the term “mobile friendly website”. 99% of CSM declare themselves as “mobile-friendly” as can be seen on mobile. But this is very wrong. The meaning of mobile-friendly web design is not that “can be seen on website” (without zooming), it is a more complex optimization that allows users of mobile devices quickly interact with the website, fully load it in few seconds even on poor SIM card internet connection and on the move (that is the concept of mobile), maybe on the bus or where ever else.

Try a few of the so-called mobile-friendly versions that will be proposed to you on a mobile with a SIM connection. You will see that most of the try will result in long waiting time before something will appear on the screen and once it appears there will be the impossibility of scrolling the page, drastically reduced (hidden) content compare to the desktop version, no menu’ or menu' difficult to locate and that don’t appear after a tap and also crash of the tab and stock the smartphone for a while.
In few words a really mobile unfriendly result on common devices, with some beautiful results in very expensive smartphones on fiber originated WiFi. And out there millions of low cost smartphone on unstable connections are used daily for searches.
On the contrary there are plenty of websites that YES need and MUST have an optimization for mobile devices as actually you have to zoom to read it, but don’t create any of the above problems to the user resulting more mobile friendly than the just proclaimed mobile friendly one!

Try to check any website (copy the URL and then paste it) in this tool: mobile friendly test

Or also check the speed directly in Google (copy the URL and then paste it): Google speed test.

Good Web development is not only choosing nice fonts, colors, 5 dollars images from online stocks and a plugin that says: "Insert keywords Here"...

Here some valuable advice to develop a new website.


The companies mentioned in this article are based on our personal experience and editorial judgment, not on objective tests. Non-mentioned companies should not be considered inferior; there are many other reliable providers that may also meet your needs.