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The importance of mobile friendly web design

Mobile friendly: the design, the concept, the importance. Mobile and smartphone friendly: a must.

Work from everywhere
If the website is really mobile friendly
can be seen from everywhere: enough an internet sim and a mobile

Internet on mobile

Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, big or small, are daily life tools. When we dress in the morning the mobile will be part of the clothing set. Even in the house we walk with it in a pocket.

Many apps present in our smartphone give us great services: from bank services to booking a room, check email messages, translate, chat, shopping, check CCTV and some rare times even make a phone call. So the mobile spends most of its life in our hands and consequently most of the searches are now done from the mobile devices. Even if elaborate the results is not comfortable as from a desktop screen. Often we receive partial information and often without make a real choice as the space available on the screen is limited and we are constantly on the run. When we get one single answer to what we are looking for we are satisfied.

We like it or not we have to take this reality into account. Especially when building a website.

If you have huge resources and lot of time to spend on the creation of a website and its related web design you can realize a perfect product of course. But the truth is that often we need the website ready “before that exhibition” or “no later than the beginning of next month…” or “I need a website for my next week meeting!”… And also the resources are limited; “Is there any promotion?” “Do you have a coupon for 50% discount?” This is what many customers ask when approaching companies to order a website.

So we must compressing the cost but without give up the quality.

What is then the quality in a website?

The quality is to create something that does what it was created for. A simple example: a sun screen curtain with a wonderful spring motive embroidered on it on an a flutter light loom will be a pleasure for your eyes but as it a white light loom will not serve the purpose. A dark blue unique color thick loom will do it.

So depending on the customer request the web design that will be applied to the website will try to comply with the scope of that website instead of aim to be an abstract masterpiece.

For web design we don’t mean the shape and the artistic background of a super-original new trendy graphic solution. The web design is the realization of an easy and very friendly user interface so when somebody wants to find something in your website in a limited screen from a mobile device can do it. And can do it quickly!

Mobile friendly meaning

Mobile friendly is the capacity of a website to let the user read and interact without the need of zoom.

But this is the cold definition only. For us mobile friendly it means give to the user easiness of use even in an arid and slow SIM internet connection. This is a very important concept: something “mobile friendly” that does not work is not so mobile friendly!

Another important point is to avoid serve to the mobile devices a reduced version of your site. Beside visitors that probably will not find what they are looking for, also Google consider only the content visible on a mobile (mobile index) so you will lose visibility.

To recap in short: no frills in the design, no useless effects, and no long hours spent to decide a background or an animation. No heavy slow code. Yes: easy simple design, nice color harmony, clear font and a functional layout. Equal to low cost and high quality.

Little history

Surprisingly a website of the last century, the boring white page with a single font, blue underlined links with a single column layout is actually mobile friendly (if we don’t consider the picture size…)!
Asking Google about the oldest website still online you will stub in this website: Cern website page and YES it is mobile friendly nowadays. You can also see the primitive (and simply very fast) source code.
You can also read more about old website (mobile friendly) in these two articles :

The oldest surviving website

HTML dinosaur

But going back to the actual era a mobile friendly web design will serve all the purpose of the website without reduction compare to the desktop version, it will be fast and responsive. The visitors will be happy.

Final note

Here two online test to check if a website is mobile friendly. But remember that the best check is the one you do yourself while using your smartphone.

seocentro.com mobile friendly test.

Google mobile friendly test.

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