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Domain name and web hosting: what are and why you need

Internet domain names, fast hosting. These the basic things of a website.

Domain name illustration
Making light on domain names
Domain name: small details makes huge difference

What is a domain name? The domain name is the name of your website, followed by a TLD (eg: .com to better understand what a TLD extension is). This really website name is webdee-seoservice.com

The domain name will connect the browser to your website, As simple as that!

If you want to straight check availability of a domain name and buy it without readying the article just write down the domain name you want with the desired extensions. For example: example.com ☺
You will get result by our associated hosting-international.com website just scroll down a bit after click to check the result.

Important considerations before choosing a domain name

Few years ago, let’s say ten or ten and few more, most of “normal” people, where normal is intended not directly working in the internet field, knew what is a domain name, what is a browser and some even know about hosting. Internet was booming (and still does) and people would like to know more.

Today internet simply became a part of the life. Nothing special, like the electricity, the cars and the water you can tap in your house. It is also much easier to use: take a smartphone in your hand and talk: Google where is the airport? You will get the answer.

So when people ask for a website they say they want a name for them website of course, like, for example, Hotel Pink Crown (pure fantasy name, sorry if it did match your hotel). When I state that the name must not have “empty spaces” they are puzzle: Why? In Google I can write anything. Yes they use Google many time a days without even know that most of the time they are NOT using Google, they are using a browser that will connect them to Google website through an internet connection and Google will serve result of them search (what they type in or what the shout in them smart phones). Or they are using the Google App in them mobile. An app is different than a browser, a browser itself is not internet and Google will not serve any results without an internet connection.

And this thoughtless behavior is the same of them customers. They will not remember and will never digit (for example) pinkcrownhotel.co.uk instead they will digit crown pink London or hotel crown pink or crown pink hotel and so on, even “hotel where I have been yesterday” Google will do the rest.

This create a change also in the SEO prospective when suggesting a name to a customer for a website. So it is important a domain name consultant. Keywords are important but names (brands) even more. At the same time you have to be sure that your name will not match an existing business/website. So any name must be tested in search engines accurately. Forget people memorize your URL (domain name) even if short or nice (this will help for email). Exception can be consider if the launch of a website will be accompanied by a massive multimedia advertising campaign. And even in that case people will memorize only the first part (second level domain): pinkhotel and not pinkhotel.biz or pinkho.tel. In most of the cases they will digit pinkhotel.com or pinkhotel plus .”geographic extension” (to be precise the Country code top-level domain: .fr for France, .it for Italy, .co.uk for United Kingdom etcetera) even if the name has another extensions because the .com one was taken already and not available for that website.

A curiosity about internet domain name

Maybe is true maybe is just a myth: Domain Sniffing
Domain sniffing is a credo that concern people while choosing a domain name. To buy a domain, that name must, first of all, be available. It means that nobody bought that specific name yet. To check availability you can use tools online like the one up here. So people believe that when typing a name and that name is available somebody behind the system will automatically buy that domain so when you will finally decide, that domain will be taken and if you really want it you have to pay an huge extra.

In 15 years never occur to us (that does not mean that did not occur to somebody else) and beside hosting-international.com for some TLD webdee-seoservice.com also use namecheap.com, dynadot.com, netsons.com. Always safely.

So consult with us before buying a domain: info@webdee-seoservice.com or ☎️ 0846363279

Eventually if you have a clear idea in mind about a domain just check and buy your domain here.

Domain names pricing

How much it cost a domain? The price depend on the tld (TLD=extension extension= the letters after the dot). See the info graphic about a domain name:
First and second level domain

Some example of prices for extensions (buying price for 1 year followed by renewal price and from transfer in price):

.com 500.00THB 500.00THB 500.00THB
.net 500.00THB 600.00THB 600.00THB
.biz 600.00THB 600.00THB 600.00THB
.org 600.00THB 600.00THB 600.00THB
.uk 400.00THB 400.00THB 400.00THB
.asia 600.00THB 600.00THB 600.00THB

For a full list go to Check domain prices page.

Some questions and answers about domains

I often read about free domain. What really a free domain is? Usually it is referred to a subdomain that some hosting company allow you to use for free instead of buying a domain. For example: yourname.hostingcompanyname.tld.
Or some other hosting company can offer a real domain free for the first year hoping to catch more customers. We offer free 1 domain (usually .com) in all our website offers. That means that in the price of the web design is already included the cost of the domain.

If I purchase a whole website from you, does the price include the domain name cost? YES, as above stated we usually give a global quotation that include the domain name. Why usually? Because sometime the customer want to use his already purchased domain from another company that we DO allow him to use it.

Is your price the best on the market? As in all fields you can find cheaper and more costly stuff. We want to give you a reliable service, we want achieve good results and keep a good relation with customers. We don’t want to just beat other competitors. We also don’t suggest you to buy many domain names for a cheaper price because, even if cheaper than us, is completely useless to start to farm domains. For a website one or few more domains are enough.

Why do I need more than only one domain? Actually one domain is enough. But there are some circumstances when buying more than a domain works better. Here few cases, by way of example and without limitation:
  • You are located in Thailand and your company name is Webdee Domain Co., Ltd. The majority of your customers are Thai. Assuming that webdeedomain.com is available you maybe also want to have webdeedomain.co.th for some reasons: somebody can instinctively type .com instead of .co.th or vice versa.
  • You sell computers online and in a shop. Your business name is Bangkok Computers but there are many competitors that have similar name but no website. You want to avoid that in a near future your name will be copied so you should make sure to own bangkokcomputers.com Bangkok-computers.com computerinbangkok.com bangkokcomputersonline.com
    (Nowadays is not necessary to secure also the same name as .net, .org as the first level domains available are so many that you cannot invest a fortune on it and also any same given name with a different TLD will be treated suspiciously and as a copy from search engines before being indexed)
  • Your shop of electronics components is well known already and now you start to sell online with an e-commerce. But everybody knows you as วิไลอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ so I could suggest you to buy วิไลอิเล็กทรอนิกส์.com as well as vilaielectronic.com (also because you cannot have yet any email as info@วิไลอิเล็กทรอนิกส์.com, it will be info@xn--12ca9di3cjao8axe1fcg7o9bycxf .com) where xn--12ca9di3cjao8axe1fcg7o9bycxf is the code translation of วิไลอิเล็กทรอนิกส์.
  • Your enterprise name “Vilai Online Shopping” works with offices in Thailand and Cambodia offering different products in also different languages. So the suggestion will be to buy vilaionlineshop.com (serving an English version), vilaionlineshop.kh (serving Cambodian language) and vilaionlineshop.co.th for Thai fellows.
As you can see there are many factors involving a domain name but a domain name is also relatively cheap so you can buy few names if you like and decided later what to do with them.

What is hosting (or web hosting)? The hosting, in very few words, is the computer where your website resides. So you digit your domain name and the browser (through the DNS -Domain Name System- and other internet infrastructures) will connect to your website.

So nothing more than an hard disk constantly connected to internet. As simple as that!

Data center

Of course the hosting must be always reachable, must be connected to an internet backbone to garantee a constant flow af data, the data center where your hosting is located has to have many security features in places and so on many other technical details like proper php language installed, availability of CPU and RAM, system to allow your website uses databases, proper disk and bandwidth allowance...

How much does it cost to host a website?

If you already have a website and you want to move to us we have different solutions. The most common is the wise solution at 1,500THB per year with SSD, SSL and more. Just say that your website need a place to stay and that will be your hosting. You can buy the wise hosting offer with us contacting at info@webdee-seoservice.com or from our sister company: hosting-international.com where you can check the hosting prices page or just learn more about web hosting.

All our website will have a professional and fast hosting SSD equipped. Just google "buy fast hosting" and hosting-international.com will pops up. We use that web hosting.

The data center illustration from pixabay.com