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Small e-commerce

A nice small shop online. Small ecommerce web design for website owners that want to sell something in an easy way without tons of complicated features.

Small e-commerce
A small store online to finally sell your products
Easy, fast, simple: small e-commerce web design

What do we mean with easy e-commerce?

What is for webdee-seoservice.com an extremely easy e-commerce? For small e-commerce platform we mean an extremely minimalist system where some products will be shown with prices. If clicked, a product will be add to the cart system. The cart system will provide to the customer the check out process with a Paypal payment gateway or a “wait for payment in bank” option.

The customer can log in in the system after filling an super easy form: First Name, Last Name, User Name, Password and Email only.

He can check the orders. Also the admin of the system (you) can check the orders.

The admin can also add/remove products with one small picture, a short description, price and quantity for a basic inventory system.
If an order is submitted the admin will receive an email.
Nothing else!

Click to open a pop up and see our

Consider some additional element that will be added:
Your logo, main image, some text, privacy page, company presentation, contacts details and form.
Then some adjustment also will be done to meet your requirements depending on the products type and to guarantee full responsiveness.

This website equipped with this super easy e-commerce platform cost 2,400THB/each 4 months. Even if the amounts of item you can sell (products) are virtually unlimited, we suggest to use this system for 20/30 products.
The price include:

  • Domain.com or equivalent
  • SSL certificate included
  • Business Class Database
  • Personalized details
  • Fast hosting
Reneval price is 2,400THB each 4 months.

This easy e-commerce is even smart TV friendly!

What do we mean with small e-commerce?

Small or simple? Small in size? Small in the amount of articles to sale?

First of all not only small for small business or individual. Some solutions will be applicable also to medium enterprise that wants to try the e-commerce. Note that in all solutions the insertion of the first 10 articles and other operations will be managed by us. Not the order and payment of course. You can still add articles and prices by yourself.

We know there are a lot of detail that goes into setting up an online store. We can simplify your life taking the burden of the technical and boring stuff having a good team of experts who want to help you sell online.

If you are looking for a more complete but still and simple e-commerce platform where you can do all by yourself visit the fast e-commerce solution page.

Type of small e-commerce:

  1. Facebook/Instagram shop e-commerce Create your professional shop on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  2. Small but fully featured e-commerce You can add the pictures and the prices of any items and managed other features. The insertion in the website needs to be done by us at least the first time.
  3. Simple e-commerce Still have featured but less than the e-commerce above (Number 2). And need little more work to be used as it does not have its own articles database. The insertion in the website needs to be done by us for each article any time.
  4. Super easy e-commerce Few essential features. Extremely fast and easy to use. We will set up all the articles you just follow the orders. It is extremely fast and even really Smart-TV friendly!
    It is the first offer on top of this webpage.

We are always open to discuss case by case. Here the details of all the 4 above ecommerce platforms:

1) Facebook/Instagram shop

To have a real e-commerce cart on your Facebook account you need to create a Facebook page. After that we will insert your products that will be the same as in the e-commerce at point 2 (similar procedure for sell directly in Instagram):

2) Small but fully featured e-commerce

So to have a Facebook and/or Instagram shop with us you need the offer number 2. The price of a Facebook and/or Instagram shop is included in this offer number 2.
This e-commerce platform can be linked to your website or can be a website itself. After our set up you can, beside see the orders:
  • Set up discount code
  • Check customers that signed up
  • Change the price and images of the articles
  • See reports and statistic
  • Open your Facebook/Instagram shop
  • Control stock and inventory
  • Customize look and feel
  • Available in more languages including Thai
  • Can managed orders by app
  • Allow customer pay in bank
  • Use Paypal and other payment gateways (set up of Paypal or other gateways not included)
  • And more
This offer is basically a set up. We will set up your e-commerce website and pay the relative fees from an outsource system. It will be a real functioning e-commerce but for a top of 100 for 2,400THB each month.
You can modify the products and the prices of course. Anyway we only set up 10 products, the other you will set up by yourself.
If you need to upgrade from one plan to another you can ask for assistance. For more details about the outsource e-commerce provider: ecwid.com. Please check if it does satisfy you.
This system is NOT that fast compare to the above of the page easy e-commerce offer.

What is included in 2,400/each month?
  • Domain.com or equivalent
  • SSL everywhere
  • Business Class Database
  • Landing Page
  • Extra page
  • Real Facebook/Instagram shop

Price: 2,400 THB/Month including insertion of 10 articles each month. You can add more by yourself. See a real website with this ecommerce solution integrated in denahealthcare.com click on the product and see how the e-commerce works. Denahealthcare.com is a real working e-commerce website.

  • Relatively easy to use once set up
  • Almost fully featured e-commerce
  • Can be paid month by month
  • Can be integrated in existing website
  • Maximum 100 articles
  • Back end slow
  • Slow in loading products
  • Not cheap
3 Simple e-commerce

This e-commerce is much simpler than the above one. Definitely easy to use for newbie to ecommerce. We will do much of the work. This ecommerce can be integrated in an existing website or we can create a home page + products page. After our set up you can, beside see the orders:
  • Transaction area in SSL
  • Business Class Database
  • Products Page
  • All mobile friendly
  • Set up discount code
  • Customize look and feel
  • Cart available in more languages but not Thai
  • Allow customer pay in bank
  • Use Paypal and other payment gateways (set up of Paypal or other gateways not included)
  • And more
Price: 5,900THB. renewal price: 4,900THB/year including insertion of 10 articles. 100 THB each article (one language) after the 10th. it is also included:
  • Fast Hosting
  • Domain name .com
  • SSL certificate
  • Landing page
  • Short video presentation
Perfect solution if you are looking for something really easy and not expensive. We set up and follow up integration. This e-commerce system is freely provided by mals-e.com.

  • Very easy to use once set up
  • Can be integrated in existing website
  • Inexpensive
  • Very fast system
  • Unlimited articles
  • Cheap price
  • Cannot directly manage products (need html acknowledge)
  • Customers cannot sign in, after order they received a customized email only.
  • Cannot manage stock
  • Limit to 30 daily transactions. It can be upgrade to 150 with 3,000 baht/year extra. In case you already forecast more but still want to stay cheap can use a sponsored version (a little logo with link)
This very simple e-commerce targets small activities. If you need more volume and you DO NOT want to depend on outsource companies we have other convenient offer in the e-commerce page

4) Super easy e-commerce

All the features are reduced at minimum: order, payment and check customers. It is extremely fast and even really Smart-TV friendly! Is the first offer of this page above here.

Slow e-commerce

The slow e-commerce word is not related (in this article) to the speed of an e-commerce website but to a philosophy of developing a marketing strategy, a slow strategy, something like the slow food of marketing.

Some shops and some artisans don’t really need a website, also some restaurants or bars. But even for the smallest “one person micro venture” in a trading business a website is a must.

During the latest months, we saw an increase in online sales in any field. I even start to order online frozen portioned salmon servings, ready to be cooked. I did not even know that there was some websites that only sells one article, in this case, salmon. Yes they do sell it in many ways: frozen portioned, frozen whole fish, fresh ready to eat, salmon cream and so on. As they only deal with one article they offered a very competitive price, even more competitive than big wholesale stores.

I then start to look for dry figs and dates and I did find specialized websites in these products only, with amazing prices. But not all of them have an e-commerce. You have to call, wait for them to call back or send an email. Discuss the address, talk about the price, give a telephone number, try to understand the pictures on the website or Facebook to which products are related and the prices. Little bit time consuming but I did manage to get my inexpensive products. If I have to suggest it to a friend I am afraid that maybe he will lose patience and he will not be happy with my suggestion.

Why don’t they have an e-commerce? Because they think people only buy in Amazon, Lazada or other agglomerate famous e-commerce websites. And this is partially true. But SLOWLY in the next future people are learning to buy products from specific websites. It is not like shopping in many places: you don’t have to drive from a corner to another corner of the city, park the car, find the address, fight with the navigator… you just have to copy and paste the URL of the e-commerce you want to use (and then bookmark it), order and wait the delivery to your door.

So, any business in trading or producing field MUST have an e-commerce. This behavior (buy from different websites) will be very common in the long term, so it is a SLOW process. Your website (e-commerce) will not show up at the top of Google search results (beside if you use Google Ads), it will work more as mouth to mouth but it will build a solid future. Once they know you, they will stick on your website for that particular product. So this is what I call “slow e-commerce”.

For this kind of website I suggest to use original images instead of images from online photo stocks or common images. Search engines can now recognize if an image is present in various places on the web or, if it is only on your website. It can also ascertain if your website was the first to post that very image, that then has been "copy and paste" several times.
Do you want to know more about importance of images? Just read this marketing strategy.

It is common that owners of businesses think that an e-commerce is expensive and difficult to manage. Also, this is partially true. But there are solutions very easy to manage and inexpensive, just contact us.

All these ecommerce systems can be use to add a cart to your website (your already existing website).

More marketing ideas for small business.