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Web Design for Easy, Fast E-Commerce

A ready to go fast e-commerce website designed to easily sell your products. Perfect for SME and also micro enterprise or for whom work from home

Fast ecommerce
Easy and Fast e-commerce solution. Fast as Flash?
If you already sell from Facebook or other platforms increase your sale with your website

Web design ecommerce Pattaya
Help to build your ecommerce

Why should I need an ecommerce website?
To be independent of other platforms and to give your customers a better professional image than just a Facebook page so you can earn them trust.

Fast ecommerce
Fast e-commerce. Don't lose conversions
because of slow loading!
Ready e-commerce
Fast eCommerce and also ready to use!
We will set up in no time!

Some ideas for this fast online merchant system

This situation as an example:
You do already sell. You sell to friends and friends of your friends. Word of mouth (that is still the best marketing tactic) helps to sell your products. But every time you waste a part of your precious time with repetitive tasks as spelling email, calling your new friends and explain where you live and if they can trust you. Writing SMS with your account number and send pictures in Line, Whatsapp, Facebook.
Now image that you just give the name of your website. They will see your products and buy it directly online and you will have more time to improve your products and so increase sales.
Everything without going in to complicate and complex platform that will take more time from you than the time you expect to save.

Another example:
You sell on Facebook, you chat with your customer and explain everything they need to know. But then many of them don't buy from you. Why?
They think that you are not professional, that you just sell on Facebook and you don't even own a website where they can shop.
With your ecommerce you can gain their trust, look like a professional company even if you work from home. They can use your website to shop and pay in the way they prefer: debit card, bank, credit card or other payment systems, even Bitcoin if you want to show you are a small but fully developed enterprise (note: this is not allowed in Thailand).

Some feature of the fast e-commerce solution:
  • Speed: Very fast compared to the average of other e-commerce websites, you can check the URL of one of our e-commerce ( https://shop-fiordelisi.com ) in this link: Google Insight. New versions are even faster.
  • Again more speed: Try also with Gmetrix
  • Easiness: You can easily add your products even from an .xls file.
  • Images display: Any of your products that you will sell online can have more than one picture.
  • Description: All the products will have a description and a price giving the customer an easy way to choose.
  • Inventory and stock: You can insert the number of products you have in stock so you will not risk to sell something that you don't have and let the customer wait too many days for a distraction
  • Ready to use: It is ready to use just fill it with your products. We will delivery the already installed ecommerce platform. Easy!
  • Multi language: You can use Thai or English and Thai or you can ask for more languages.
  • Multi currency: THB Thai baht only or THB and USD, EUR or any other currency you want to use!
  • Email: You (admin) and the customers will receive email of orders
  • More: Didn't you find the feature you need? Just ask, maybe it is already there! Here did not describe all the features of this e-commerce.
Here a few screenshots of our fast e-commerce Click to see our eCommerce example online (Note: it is a fiction website, cannot buy anything!)

Resposnive and very fast ecommerce
E-Commerce screenshot (click to see the demo)
Home page of a simple but complete
ecommerce system for most of SME
Click the product to get an overlay

Complete but easy ecommerce solution
Product page screenshot (click to see the demo)
You can see the full product page or
and add a product to the cart
and proceed to check out

About the prices of the above e-commerce system, if as it is, is 11,000 THB (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support). The customer will provide the content with the e-commerce CMS. It will be responsive and fast. Read the importance of speed for ecommerce.
We use fast hosting only.
You can add unlimited products. We insert free 10 products, then the customer can add by himself other products. Including also:
  1. Slide Show
  2. SSL certificate
  3. Business Class Database
  4. Unlimited categories of products
If you need us to insert more products and you don't want to do by yourself, maybe you should write a note to us from our contacts page to get a personalized quotation.

Please note that the price of 11,000 THB is for one language and one currency only. The online payment system setup (e.g: PayPal, credit/debit cards, etc.) is not included. The base price covers only manual payment methods such as bank transfers, checks, in-store payments, and cash on delivery.

We can integrate additional payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and others as per your requirements. The cost for integrating each payment system varies and is subject to market conditions, but it is typically no more than 3,500 THB per common gateway. This price does not include the creation of PayPal, Stripe, or other payment accounts.

If you want to discover more about the prices of other products of webdee-seoservice.com just check the pricing page.

If you need an e-commerce platform even more simple check out small e-commerce website solutions. Instead, if you are looking to sell online with a complete e-commerce platform including all the features for bigger enterprises please check our professional e-commerce page.

Once your e-commerce will be up and running you may consider a various forms of advertising. You can consult with us anytime for some precious suggestions, you can read more in the Social & Marketing section or you can increase your marketing knowledge and think about a marketing tactics.