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This is an AMP HTML page

AMP (Accellerated Mobile Pages) HTML is not only a fast language for smart phone web pages. Think that any page created in AMP HTML will be cached on Google servers and eventually you can use that link so your page will be uptime no matter what!

Create and add some pages in AMP HTML to your website
These pages will be also cached by Google servers

Only minor differences

Yes, there are few differences between this AMP HTML page and the original non AMP page that you can see here: Non AMP version.
Click and compare the 2 versions.

How do I know if it is a real AMP HTML page?

There are many ways to check if an AMP HTML web page is a real AMP or if it does contain errors.
It must be considered that a AMP HTML page with errors in the code will not consider as AMP from Google.

  • Install the application "AMP Validator" in Google Chrome
  • Without install the application, browse the URL of the page, for example this page: and add #development=1 to the URL: then click the hamburger menu', click more tools and developer tools, then select the console tab:

    (Click to enlarge)
  • Insert the URL in this online AMP tool: Google AMP test
  • Inside the search console of Google, if the website is validate, in the sub menu' of "Search Appearance" there is the report about your published and indexed AMP pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP HTML by Google

The AMP HTML is a new language for create accelerated mobile pages. It is like ordinary HTML but there is no room for mistake and many frills are not allowed. In this way the page, once will be recognize as AMP HTML, will be quite fast.

To learn more just read the official AMP project website or Benefit of AMP.

A practical example of a AMP HTML page

This page is an HTML/AMP page. You can see this very page in the normal HTML .php version: Normal (non AMP) version of this page.


Few things to considerate before create a page in AMP HTML:
  • The page is a static page, not driven from a database
  • The page can have a simple form
  • The page will have some graphic differences
  • Some page cannot be transform in AMP HTML, we will verify before undertake the task
So if all of the above is OK we can create the page for you, the price is 1,700 THB each page.

This price does include the link from the non AMP page (if exist).
To upload to your server we need your cooperation or we can simply give you the code and let your webmaster do the upload.

AMP HTML whole website

We can also realize a full website in AMP HTML. If you will have the website already up and running we can transform it in AMP HTML. The price will be 1,700 THB each page + domain + hosting + SSL certificate. So the total for an example of a small 6 pages website in AMP HTML will be 13,200 THB.
If the website does not exist yet, ask a quotation to
Once your website will be all in AMP HTML you can start to substitute the ordinary link with the link of the cached Google page, so your website will be even more fast and with the same uptime of Google.
Do I really need a full AMP website? No, few pages will be OK!

AMP HTML web design

The web design with AMP HTML has some limitation. But it does not mean that the website will not be attractive.
Here some AMP templates available: AMP templates

Do you want to know if your page can be easily recreated in AMP HTML?

Please send an email to with the URL of your page.


Thank you